You Are The Captain

So start acting like it!

Your organization is a ship, and you are the Captain. That means that you are supposed to navigate the ship, not the other way around. Others talk about working ON your business rather than IN your business, and that is the exactly the point. To be effective, efficient, and enduring, your organization needs planning. Practically speaking, this requires commitment and effort. It is essential for your organization (and your sanity) that you make this a priority. Saying you have no time to plan will only perpetuate the lack of time. Make planning your top priority and you will solve problems before they arise. Furthermore, you will be able to accomplish more with your own time and delegate better so that your time is used more effectively.

Think about it… Would the Captain of a ship be swabbing the deck in the middle of a treacherous storm? Would he or she be cooking for the crew while the ship approaches the reef? Would a good Captain be gazing at star positions while an enemy ship approaches, canons booming? Ridiculous, right? Except that many business owners do similar things.

Although there are times when a Captain might clean the ship or work alongside the crew (or maybe your ship is still small with a crew of one), you still need to set aside time to BE the Captain. Lead, direct, guide, instruct, plan… Navigate!

If your ship is being tossed about on the waves, blown off course by the winds, or wandering the seas aimlessly, you are not acting like a Captain. Furthermore, your ship is a shipwreck waiting to happen. Instead, ride the waves, harness the winds, and by all means, navigate your ship towards an Ideal Destination. Only then are you acting like the Captain that you are. Only then will your organization be on the voyage to success.

If you need help, if you feel like you are drowning, headed for the reefs, or unable to stay on course, let me help you. Schedule a consultation on my website, and let’s see how we can put the Captain hat back on your head.