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What we have found is that many entrepreneurs, small business owners, and organizational leaders feel frustrated with their progress and have begun to wonder if they are missing something important. Fearing they will never reach their full potential, they see lackluster results and feel almost trapped by their work.

What they really want is amazing results, but even more importantly, a sense of purpose and fulfillment in work and life, honoring God and helping others.

They think the problem is that they are not working hard enough or putting enough time & energy into their endeavors.

So they end up pouring more time into work. Instead of improving their situation, working harder perpetuates work-life IMbalance and makes them miss out on even more.

The real problem is a lack of clarity compounded with ineffective paradigms and broken or non-existent systems.

What they need to do is implement a system that will provide clarity on their higher purpose and Ideal Destination plus a path to both.

"For 25 years I worked jobs and ran businesses that failed to use my potential. Not only did I feel unfulfilled, but most of the time I disliked my work altogether. I tried to “do more” or “do different” strategies (none of which worked). It wasn’t until I discovered my higher purpose, shifted my paradigms, and got some coaching that my business became fulfilling," says Eric Beschinski, Chief Navigation Officer for Greenfire.

Our proprietary methodology provides a visual system of Organizational Navigation (which is strategy + execution). It’s called the iNautilus™; it is concise, progressive, functional, & manageable, and it results in absolute clarity of purpose, an Ideal Destination, and an executable path to get there. We cover everything from the "big picture" to the detail-level of, "What do I need to be doing TODAY in order to reach my Ideal Destination in 5 to 10 years?"

We focus on:

  • Business Coaching
  • Organizational Training
  • Corporate Consulting
  • Sales and Marketing Methodologies
  • Mindset Improvement
  • Incorporating Faith and Business


"​Greenfire Innovations is all about meaningful solutions for business."

For ERIC BESCHINSKI, his entrepreneurial spirit solidified as he advanced in the financial services industry. His drive to see small to mid-sized companies grow has led to a variety of coaching programs and abundant content. He gets excited about propelling business owners to the next level and adding a layer of accountability to every part of the process.

Eric is passionate about his methodology to help entrepreneurs fulfill their potential using proven best practices. With his programs, companies can grow and adapt to the needs of their customers, improve the bottom line, and create an effective team.

Utilizing his experience in the financial services industry, his sales training ability, and his business strategy acumen, he is able to assist companies in improving their day-to-day operations WITH A PURPOSE. He works with leaders and teams to strengthen their workflows and create a solid foundation of ownership among the entire team.

Eric is a facilitator of all things business. iNautilus Guide for Organizational Navigation was the first of several books he has written. His solutions, ideas, and expertise are unique, refreshing, and poised to revolutionize business planning and organizational management. More about Eric here:



Some highlights of videos, podcasts, shows, and articles featuring Eric can be found here:


5+ stars!

I gave 5+ stars! I think everyone contemplating starting a business venture should first read this book. Those that already have a business venture and aren’t realizing the success they had hoped for should get this book and identify any shortcomings in their business and what needs to change.

This is a great book for organizing one’s own personal life. Thank you for writing it.

Bernard Autenrieth

Process —> Progress

Greenfire & Eric were able to help me identify weaknesses, create processes to automate what I’m doing, and focus on evaluating those processes to make them even better.

Tom Aldrich

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Wow! Wow! Wow! That manuscript is amazing! I plan to spend some time this weekend applying principles to my new business… This could help a lot of people.

Phil Myers
Integrity Franchise Specialsists

Quality Work

I have had the pleasure of taking part in two of Greenfire Innovation’s virtual speakers summit. Eric and his team are great connectors and continue to bring speakers and topics together that have an eye to the future. Greenfire’s network has helped me connect with several other innovation-minded folks around Northwest Indiana. Eric and his team are innovation-minded and put together quality work.

Jason Williams
Society of Innovators at Purdue Northwest

A Yearly ‘Must Attend’!

What an impressive Convoy this year! Having attended the inaugural event I can say this one was even better! I loved the interactive sessions and the content-filled, personable presentations. A yearly must attend!

Dr. Felicity Joy Solomon