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  • productINautilusConvoy

    Featured Speaker at the iNautilus Convoy 2020

    Eric was one of the featured speakers for the iNautilus Convoy 2020.

  • Tune In Logo

    Guest Speaker on Tune In: Radio for your Mind, Body & Soul

    Eric was a guest on this podcast discussing the role of love in business and also sharing some of the Greenfire story.

  • virtual speaker success summit

    June 2-6, 2021 - Virtual Speakers Success Summit

    The Virtual Speakers Success Summit is a free event and jam packed with the expert insight you need to get more gigs, deliver like a pro, and maximize every speaking opportunity.

  • businesstherapy

    July 20, 2021 - Guest Speaker on Humanity meets Business: Business Therapy podcast

    The show addresses healing the human side of business, approaching management challenges, personnel and team issues with an open heart and mind.

  • Inspire Small Biz logo

    August 30, 2021 - Guest Speaker for InspireSmall.biz

    Eric will be presenting about "The Buyer's Threshold" at InspireSmall.biz Monday Networking meeting. If you are in sales (and everyone is in sales), you won't want to miss this.


  • logoEntrepreneur

    Entrepreneur.com: "Having Gratitude Is Just the Beginning to True Success"

    This latest Entrepreneur.com article was just published on 5/4/2021. Gratitude is crucial for an effective mindset, but alone it's simply not enough. The link goes directly to the subscriber-only link on Entrepreneur.com but will be updated soon with the repost in the Greenfire Blog.

  • logoEntrepreneur

    Entrepreneur.com: "The Key to Finding Success? Start Moving. Here’s How to Get Going"

    The first of Eric's articles to be published on Entrepreneur.com was all about motion and how you cannot steer a stationary ship. Originally published in January of 2021.

  • logoThrive

    Thrive Global: "Fear Inaction (Not Failure)"

    In this piece on Thrive Global, Eric reframes failure as "presuccess" and explains how inaction prevents success (pre or otherwise). 

  • logoMedium

    Medium.com: "4 Magic Sales Questions"

    Questions are powerful. In this debut article on Medium.com, Eric reveals several questions that will level-up your sales game.

  • logoZapier

    Zapier.com: "How I Finally Started Journaling"

    This post on the Zapier blog reveals a productivity tip on how to start journaling (and the power of systems in solving problems).

  • logoZapier

    Zapier.com: "How to write an elevator pitch that lands (with template)"

    Zapier is creating a library of business templates. My contribution is a unique version of the "elevator pitch".



Ingenuity Showcase

"B2B missionary", Eric Beschinski, tells about Greenfire Innovations in his interview by Tom Byelick of Ingenuity Small Business Collaborative.

1 Million Cups

This is the presentation for 1 Million Cups giving  an overview of Greenfire Innovations including why we exist, what we do, and whom we help.

Open In Indiana

This is a replay from our presentation at an Open In Indiana Networking meeting featuring Eric Beschinski, owner of Greenfire Innovations.


Simply Felicity on Roku TV

In this talk-show interview, Eric talks about Greenfire Innovationas and important systems to help in your business.

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