May 2022 – “Wind, Waves, & Wake”

Photo by Boba Jovanovic on Unsplash

Everything is connected. Quantum physics has demonstrated that observation affects reality, so we are connected to the quantum nature of the universe. Einstein theorized (and was proven correct) that energy and matter are related by a simple ratio (E=MC2). Human history has shown that humans are related on a biological and spiritual level to each other and the rest of Creation.

Whether you agree with me or not about this “universal connectedness”, some things are more directly connected such as Wind, Waves, and Wake. As we voyage through life among the sea of people God has put on this planet, we encounter many forces AND we are a force that impacts the world around us. 

For a ship, wind provides propulsion, but it can also slow the progress and blow it off course. On our metaphorical voyage in business and life, “winds” do the same for us. Whether they are beneficial or not depends on our direction and how it is aligned with or opposed to the wind blowing at that time. We cannot change the wind, but we can change our response to it.

Crosswinds are distractions, the “urgent but unimportant” tasks, the events that redirect our time and energy away from what is most important to us. These demand course corrections from us. Our response needs to be renewed focus, shifting our energy, changing our direction to accommodate or minimize the effect of the crosswind. Sometimes, like a sailboat, a slight adjustment will diminish the impact of these crosswinds. 

Life and business are often challenging. When you are facing a headwind, progress is likely at a halt. Headwinds are the obstacles that prevent us from moving forward… in the moment. Our responses to headwinds are to either pull out the oars (and fight against/through it), change direction completely (even if that is temporary), or wait it out. It’s not a matter of “if” you will face a headwind, but rather “when.” Anticipate headwinds and plan your actions ahead of time. 

Sometimes, you have a tailwind. These times of peace, joy, and progress are when events have conspired to help you towards your goals. Be sure to take full advantage of these tailwinds. Don’t miss them, and also don’t miss the opportunity to express gratitude. There is power in a grateful mindset.

For a resource that will help you tame the winds, download the Vector Modeling™ Daily Worksheet at:

Waves (a product of wind, currents, and tides) can make for a tumultuous ride. They can add significant distance to our voyage and make it difficult to operate the ship. And yet, like ships are designed to navigate, cut through, and roll with the waves, we are designed to do the same with the “waves” we encounter. 

Our mindset is key to keeping momentum and successfully managing our waves. Realizing that we are resilient, powerful, (little “c”) creators who are well-made and loved by THE Creator, helps us to understand that there is almost nothing in life that can drown us. When you feel tossed about, remember that you have a higher purpose and that a higher power has your back. If you need a mindset adjustment, check out MindSetFree™ at

Just like wind and waves impact us, we too leave a mark on the world around us just by moving through life. Our “wake” is the result of our passing, the impact we leave behind us. In harbors and recreational/swimming areas, there are often signs indicating that it is a “no wake zone.” That is because the wake disrupts the peaceful enjoyment of swimmers and even small boaters. We need to always be aware of our wake. When a vessel moves through water, the wake always consists of 2 waves that trail behind. There are many ways to think of these 2 distinct halves of your wake, good/bad, tasks/relationships, intended/unintended consequences, positive/negative. Your wake demonstrates the binary nature of humanity and the dualism present throughout Creation. Maintain your awareness of your impact, your wake.

Work to orchestrate a wake that is powerful and positive so that you can OVERFLOW with meaningful impact for God’s Kingdom through your business.