June 2022 – “Beacons”

Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash

There was a lot of discussion around town when Valparaiso University changed its nickname to “Beacons”. According to the Valpo News page of the University’s website:

“Our new nickname directly connects to the University’s motto, ‘In Thy Light We See Light,’ and represents the Valparaiso University community in many ways,” said José D. Padilla, J.D., University president. “We are beacons of light and hope in our communities. We are beacons of change on campus, in our region and in our country. We are beacons of knowledge for our students’ academic, social and spiritual growth. Above all, we are beacons of God’s light around the world. We light the way for our students, so that once they graduate, they shine their light for others. We are all Beacons at Valparaiso University” (https://www.valpo.edu/news/?type=post&site=239&id=12453)

In my book, iNautilus Guide for Organizational Navigation, I mention a beacon as well. In my methodology detailed in the book, the Ideal Destination for your business gets written as a Lighthouse Statement™, which is “…a beacon. It is clear and bright. And it should draw you and others towards the Ideal Destination.”

Light. Change. Hope. Attraction. Signal. All of these describe a beacon and the reasons it exists. We are all beacons too. We are here to bring God’s light to dark situations. Our actions and character should inspire others to change course. Even when we are distant, the brightness of our lives delivers hope and draws others to us.

Our homes should be a beacon, welcoming others to a safe, hospitable place amidst the storms of life. Whether friends of our kids, our own friends, or our families, we need to make our homes a place of refuge.

And your business should be a beacon. By honoring other people, we can operate with ethics and integrity that model excellence in the business community. How do we do that? Treat everyone as special, do more than is expected, and always have a good attitude.

If you are struggling, look for a beacon. Look in the distance for a light that signifies all of this for you. And if you don’t see one right away, keep moving forward. Our God is faithful and will not leave you wandering in the dark for long. Be sure to remember that your light is a beacon for others, too. Perhaps while you are trying to find your way, you are simply in a “period of pause”, waiting so that your light can guide others in the distance who haven’t progressed as far or fast as you.

Look for your Beacon, and be a Beacon for others.