3 Thoughts 5.3.2023

Welcome back to 3 Thoughts! In this edition, I’ll be exploring three topics that are critical to building and growing a successful business: creating a culture of positive failure, recognizing money as a tool (not a purpose), and the importance of being a “cycle setter”.

fail, lose, failing

1. Creating a Culture of Positive Failure. One of the most important things a business can do is create a culture that allows for failure. It may sound counterintuitive, but it’s essential for growth and progress. When we fear failure, we become risk-averse and avoid taking chances, which can lead to missed opportunities and stagnant growth. By embracing the idea of positive failure, we give ourselves permission to take risks, learn from our mistakes, and ultimately, achieve greater success.

three round gold-colored coins on 100 US dollar banknotes

2. Money is a Tool (Not a Purpose). Money is often viewed as the end goal, but in reality, it’s just a tool. Yes, we need it to keep our businesses running, pay our bills, and grow our wealth, but it’s too easy to get caught up in the pursuit of money and view it as the ultimate end goal. The truth is that money is simply a means to achieve our goals and objectives. We should focus on creating value, making a positive impact, and achieving our desired outcomes. By doing so, we’ll find that the money will come naturally as a result of our hard work and dedication. Money should never be the sole focus or purpose of our work.

Worms Eye View of Spiral Stained Glass Decors Through the Roof

3. Be a “prime mover” or “cycle setter”. In physics, a “prime mover” is a force that initiates motion or change. Similarly, in business and in life, we have the power to be the “prime mover” or “cycle setter” that starts the upward spiral towards positive growth and success, thereby breaking downward spirals.

This means taking initiative, moving against the current, and being the one willing to do what is right or best (or wisest). When we take the first step towards positivity, it can have a domino effect and inspire others to do the same, ultimately breaking the cycle of negativity and destruction. By becoming a prime mover, we can create a culture of positive change and growth in our friendships, our marriages, and our workplaces.

By embracing a culture of positive failure, recognizing that money is just a tool, and being a prime mover towards positivity, we can create a more fulfilling and successful life for ourselves and those around us. Let’s not be afraid to take risks and learn from our mistakes, let’s use money as a tool to achieve our goals, and let’s be the prime movers of the upward spirals, agents of change creating positive cycles in the world around us.