Business Needs to Be Purposeful

As you move along your entrepreneurial journey, do you know your destination? Before you say, “Yes,” I want you to picture it. Do you see what your business looks like in 5 to 10 years? How big is it? How many employees? What are your sales and financials? What new products have you launched? Can you relay the picture in your head to a stranger? If you cannot describe in detail where you are going, you do not know your destination.

If you are questioning the clarity of your destination, you are far from alone. Most small businesses are wandering. Entrepreneurs have the mistaken idea that if they just keep moving forward they will discover some amazing paradise. They fail to realize that the oceans are vast. And even if you find land at some point, the likelihood is that it will not be the sun-kissed, sandy shores you were hoping for.

Without a destination AND a plan to get there, you are destined to wander the seas, and the seas are filled with sharks, storms, and pirates. It’s not a place you want to be without a plan. Mankind was not designed to live on the seas, and “wandering the seas” is really a euphemism for being lost at sea. Even if you are lost, there is hope. Identify your current location. Once you know where you currently are, determine an Ideal Destination based on your values and purpose. Then create a series of goals and action plans that lead you inevitably to that destination.

It really is that simple. It’s the implementation of this system that gets complex. If you cannot do it alone, then get some help. Stop wandering and start voyaging towards somewhere incredible.

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