Purpose in Pain

Eric and Jenny at TEDxValparaisoUniversity
Eric and Jenny at TEDxValparaisoUniversity. Photo Credit: Alderson Photography

Two years ago this past Sunday (on May 21, 2021) my wife and I hit a deer at 60 mph on our motorcycle. It was scary, painful, a pivotal moment, an epic day. Yet we’re still here, fully recovered. Everything happens for a reason. While we may not fully understand the reasons for that day (or any challenge we encounter in life), here are a few we do know:

1) We are engaged in a perpetual battle against an unseen adversary. Life is a constant struggle, and we find ourselves at odds with an enemy whose presence we may not always perceive. The incident with the deer served as a stark reminder of this reality, as we were confronted with an unexpected and perilous situation. While we firmly believe that the devil is NOT waiting behind every bush to trip us as we walk down the street, we also believe that there was definitely a spiritual component to this event. It reminded us that we must remain vigilant, prepared to face and overcome the adversities that sometimes really do lie in wait along our journey. After all, we are at war.

2) Throughout our ordeal, we recognized a profound sense of protection from God. In the face of danger and uncertainty, it’s common for people to feel the gentle embrace of God’s love, providing solace and strength to endure the hardships that beset us. In this case, we realized that the severity of the crash should have resulted in more serious injuries, maybe even death. It was a reminder that we are not alone in our struggles and that God watches over us, guiding and shielding us from harm. This realization led us to understand that our purpose on this planet is not yet fulfilled. God has more for us to do.

3) The incident reminded us that we are resilient. Despite the pain and fear that consumed us in the aftermath, that was all temporary. Now, although we remember that there was pain, we don’t remember the pain itself. We, humans, possess the power to heal, grow, and rebuild, emerging from the depths of adversity stronger and more resilient than ever before.

Every experience, no matter how arduous, carries with it profound lessons and opportunities for personal growth. The crash served as a catalyst for transformation, bringing us closer to God. It taught us to embrace the uncertainty of life but also to trust in the divine protection that surrounds us.

Even though that battle is behind us, we remain ensconced in the war. It is a spiritual war fought through prayer, worship, and more often than not, standing. If you aren’t sure how to battle, then simply stand & pray, and join us in worship of the God of all creation.