Free Gifts Bundle


FREE Benefits including an assessment, 2 e-books, a video training course, additional resources, AND 1 hour of live coaching.

Total value is nearly $800! See below for details.



Since you chose to work with one of our Organizational Allies, you receive all of the following benefits (nearly $800 in value) absolutely FREE!

  • FREE Business Alignment Assessment (go to at any time)
  • FREE E-Books
    • The iNautilus Guide for Organizational Navigation ($20 value)
    • The πNautilus Guide for Personal Navigation ($20 value)
  • FREE Video Course on Mindset – MindSetFree™ ($250 value)
  • FREE Resources
    • All iNautilus™ worksheets from the book
    • All πNautilus™ worksheets from the book
    • The Greenfire Top 10™ (Free Resources for Business)
    • The 6 D’s of Timescaping™ – Time management made simple (worksheet and PowerPoint)
  • FREE 1-hour EV+ (Exploratory Voyage Plus) – 1 hour of one-on-one coaching for strategy + execution in your business ($500 value)