The iNautilus™ is a visual, progressive, functional system of Organizational Navigation for small to medium sized companies and nonprofits. “Navigation” is the term we use for strategy + execution. In other words, rather than simply creating the typical value, mission, and vision statements that hang on the wall collecting dust, the iNautilus™ results in “living documents”, tools, and methodologies which guide decisions and direct daily activity, propelling your organization to its next Ideal Destination.

"Strategic planning is stationary, but Navigation is strategy in motion. The iNautilus™ methodology is designed for systematic organizational Navigation."

-Eric Beschinski,

Chief Navigation Officer


iNautilus Admiral™ Program

Coaching between an iNautilus Navigator (coach) and an individual or a leadership team within an organization.


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Big Red Dot -----------------Template


iComp (Integrity Compass) Worksheet


Cardinal Directives Worksheet


Legend Statement Template


Lighthouse Statement Template


iNautilus Radar Worksheet


iNautilus Radar Instructions


iNautilus Radar Example


iPoints (Indicator Points) Worksheet


iRoutes (Incremental Routes) Builder 


iTasks (Immediate Tasks) Worksheet


Vector Modeling Daily Worksheet


Vector Modeling Instructions


Vector Modeling Example


MeisterTask User Manual


MeisterTask Instructions for iNautilus (Admin)


MeisterTask Instructions for iNautilus (Team User)


MeisterTask Template


iNautilus Guide for Organizational Navigation

Take your organization to the next level. The iNautilus Guide for Organizational Navigation provides a systematic approach to strategic planning + execution that is clear, concise, progressive, functional, and manageable. Designed for long term success getting your organization from "here" to "there", iNautilus provides a visual, easy-to-follow motif and re-frames tried and true organizational management concepts into a fresh, new perspective.

5+ stars!

I gave 5+ stars! I think everyone contemplating starting a business venture should first read this book. Those that already have a business venture and aren’t realizing the success they had hoped for should get this book and identify any shortcomings in their business and what needs to change.

This is a great book for organizing one’s own personal life. Thank you for writing it.

Bernard Autenrieth

Pleasantly jarring

Reading iNautilus was pleasantly jarring. The author has shown the ability to come at some common practices from a different angle. This is refreshing and makes this system stand out in a sea of business books. It is an easy, intuitive read and is well worth implementing.

Tom Becker

iNautilus Convoy™

The iNautilus Convoy™ is a seminar for leaders. Part of our Higher Purpose at Greenfire Innovations is to provide valuable content to help entrepreneurs thrive. One of the ways we do this is through the Convoy. Every year we bring thought leaders together to deliver amazing content for leaders, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and non-profit directors.

A Yearly ‘Must Attend’!

What an impressive Convoy this year! Having attended the inaugural event I can say this one was even better! I loved the interactive sessions and the content-filled, personable presentations. A yearly must attend!

Dr. Felicity Joy Solomon

Quality Work

I have had the pleasure of taking part in two of Greenfire Innovation’s virtual speakers summit. Eric and his team are great connectors and continue to bring speakers and topics together that have an eye to the future. Greenfire’s network has helped me connect with several other innovation-minded folks around Northwest Indiana. Eric and his team are innovation-minded and put together quality work.

Jason Williams
Society of Innovators at Purdue Northwest

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