iNautilus™ E-Book & Resource Bundle


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Our proprietary methodology provides a visual system of Organizational Navigation (which is strategy + execution). It’s called the iNautilus™; it is concise, progressive, functional, & manageable, and it results in absolute clarity of purpose, an Ideal Destination, and an executable path to get there. We cover everything from the “big picture” to the detail-level of, “What do I need to be doing TODAY in order to reach my Ideal Destination in 5 to 10 years?”

With this bundle, you will receive the iNautilus Guide for Organizational Navigation e-book (in 3 formats) along with digital copies of all the iNautilus™ worksheets and resources.

However, for most entrepreneurs, their business is an extension of their personal higher purpose and vision. Often it is best to start there. The πNautilus™ Methodology mirrors the organizational methodology, but it’s designed to help you discover your life purpose and ultimate path. Included are the πNautilus Guide for Personal Navigation e-book (in 3 formats) and the associated πNautilus™ worksheets and resources.

Some additional tools & resources you will gain immediate access to…

  • White paper – “Navigation By The Stars: Why Your Ideal Destination Might Change Drastically”
  • Timescaping™ – Productivity resources to help prioritize and take action
  • Access to the Convoy™ 2020 Videos (including speakers on sales, marketing, unity, a summary of the iNautilus™ Methodology, and more)

And as an added bonus, you will also receive an e-book copy of Cracking the Rich Code Vol. 7 by Jim Britt, Kevin Harrington, Eric Beschinski (and others). This book is also endorsed by Tony Robbins!

What’s the value here?

  • iNautilus Guide for Organizational Navigation e-book & resources – $9.99 (or more)
  • πNautilus Guide for Personal Navigation e-book & resources – $9.99 (or more)
  • Cracking the Rich Code Vol. 7 e-book – $9.99
  • White paper – Navigation By The Stars – $4.99
  • Timescaping™ – $19.99
  • Convoy™ 2020 Videos – $200.00

OVER $250 VALUE for less than $5!!!