Business Proverbs

As a business consultant (I prefer Navigation Consultant), I say many things repeatedly. Today I wanted to share a few witticisms that you might hear from me.

“Find, follow, and finish a system.”

“Strategic planning is stationary; navigation is strategy in motion.”

“Know who you are, so you know who you need.”

Strategic planning is not important; it is absolutely essential.

“Mission is about more than profits, products, or posturing. Mission is about impact. What stamp can your organization leave on the world (or at least, what stamp are you going to attempt to leave).”.

“A vision is a singular destination for the entire organization that sets clear direction for everyone involved.”

“Vision is the culmination. It grows out of the core values and mission. And yet, without a healthy vision, the mission and core values wither. They are interdependent. All three are essential for an organization that desires health and growth.”

“I encourage you to be your organization’s Navigator. Like a captain uses a compass and map to determine a destination then Navigate to get there, you must use your core values & mission to determine a vision and then Navigate to make it happen.”

“When you run into a problem (and you will), you can focus on the problem or focus on a solution. It’s ok to get stuck every once in awhile as long as you don’t stay stuck.”

“Despite our emotions, experiences, genetics, and the other people around us, we get to choose our responses.”

“You can only know what you were designed to do if you first know who you were designed to be.”

“Emotions are excellent indicators, but they are terrible decision-making tools.”

“Un-tempered by intellect, emotions often steer us into dangerous waters.”

“Every day, decision after decision, we move into our future. In a sense, we are creating our entire future, moment-by-moment, as simply a series of decisions. Little or big, our decisions determine our destiny.”

“Failure doesn’t prevent success any more than darkness prevents light or hatred prevents love.”

“Without strategy, the destination is unknown. Without motion, there is no ability to steer.”

“You can know where you want to go and have the best plan to get there, but you will never arrive if you do not move forward. A stationary ship cannot be steered. You can turn the rudder all you want, but you will not change direction. Motion is necessary before you can steer.”

“Sales is not a 4-letter word.” “The root of all purpose-driven business is love.”