3 Thoughts 9.22.2021

It’s been a while since I posted a “3 Thoughts” piece. There are plenty of things to write about, but I’ve been focused on creating a sales program, a leadership program, and video content. I’ll keep it brief, so here are my 3 Thoughts for today:

1. Hit Your Deadlines. I was going to make an entire article out of this, but there isn’t really much more to say. Do what you say you are going to do. There seem to be quite a few people who seem to think that deadlines are “guidelines”. They are not. When you promise something to a customer (or your employer), get it done on time. For those of you who do not live by the calendar, this is not going to seem like a big issue. I’m trying to tell you that it is. While it may not seem like it has anything to do with integrity from your perspective, for those of us who take you at your word, we feel lied to. Please, set accurate expectations. If there is a problem, be proactive, reach out, and adjust the expectations. Otherwise, hit your deadlines. Please!

2. Be God’s Grace. For those of us who do live by the calendar, we need to extend grace (especially in light of the admonishment I just delivered in Thought #1 above). In church this Sunday our pastor spoke about grace. During the sermon, I jotted down the following thought I had: “For the non-believer, every breath is God’s grace, grace for one more opportunity to accept him and live with him eternally. For the believer, every breath is God’s grace, grace to BE his grace to the world/non-believers.” Go BE God’s Grace.

3. The Abolition of Hurry. Hurry is a plague. It causes us stress, it puts us in fight or flight mode, it provokes us to bad decisions and bad behavior, and it keeps us focused on the wrong things. I heard a pastor/author say recently that his worst moments as a dad have come when trying to hurry to get to church. The frustration with being late and trying to herd cats children have led to short tempers and harsh words. I know that firsthand as well. We need to abolish hurry from our lives. Not only is it a lie of the enemy, but it is one of our own making. We are hurried because of our failure to plan, our overly-busy lifestyles, and our own self-importance (aka pride). So, risking oversimplification, plan better, say “no” more often, and practice gratitude and humility. If you want me to elaborate on any of these, let me know or ask a question in the comments.