3 Thoughts 2.19.2021

Eric Beschinski - 3 Thoughts

Reflecting on this past week, I’ve learned a lot. Although I’ve been focused, working ON my business some of the principles are more universal. Here are my 3 Thoughts for today:

1. Value the Voyage (over the destination?). This can be difficult for those of us who prefer the destination. The drive to Florida is just the necessary travel-time to get to the beach or the resort where I can relax. However, in business (and in life) most of our time is in the voyage. Every “win” that gets us closer to the destination is in the voyage. During the voyage we learn what works and what doesn’t. There is beauty in the voyage. We destination people need to learn to live in the present while fixing our gaze on that destination. Likewise, those of you who are voyagers, it is imperative that you look up and focus on the destination so that you do not wander aimlessly while staring only at the next step your feet are about to take.

2. What do I do? This is what I have been wrestling with most of late. Obviously, I know what I do, but I am seeking the best way to communicate it to people. These messaging efforts have challenged me. In an effort to be clear AND unique while also piquing peoples’ interest, I have written and re-written my answer several times. Here is where I am with it right now:

I propel Christian entrepreneurs who feel frustrated and trapped by their business, who fear never reaching their potential, who know they were meant for something more, into a state of pure alignment between their God-given calling and an Ideal Destination for their business. The result is peace, passion and prosperity that come with absolute clarity about their calling, their next Ideal Destination, and what they need to do TODAY to achieve it all.

Please leave any thoughts you might have about this description in the comments.

3. Every “yes” is a “no” to everything else. This is not a new thought, but it has come up several times this week. Every time you agree to something, you are essentially rejecting every other use for those resources. Whether it is time, money, or even “mental energy”, be cautious and wise about committing yourself. And make sure that the things that do get a “yes” are aligned with your higher purpose and goals. That means that you will have to say “no” to some really amazing things. Great causes. Enjoyable activities. Saying “yes” to these kinds of things if they are not in alignment with your purpose/plans is simply robbing you of fulfilling that purpose, and that can lead to some very dark places in life.