Tiger Woods Had A Swing Coach

That coach was not better at golf than Tiger. So, why would one of the greatest golfers of our time pay someone (a lot of money) to travel with him and coach him on his swing?

  • The coach could see what Tiger couldn’t (he provided an outside perspective)
  • The coach knew what to look for (he had a specialized skill set)
  • The coach advised Tiger and followed up (accountability is powerful and requires other people)

Michael Jordan had coaches. Tom Brady had coaches. Do you know who didn’t have coaches?

Me neither. Because nobody has ever heard of them.

Successful players, great players have coaches. The same is true for entrepreneurs. Let’s find out if I should be your coach…

  • Are you an entrepreneur who wants to have IMPACT?
  • Are you a business owner who desires IMPROVEMENT?
  • Does any part of you want to be ONE OF THE GREATS?

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