Convoy™ Sponsorship

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Why Sponsor The Convoy™?

The ultimate goal for sponsorship is to fund a subscription to a professional event management software that will enable us to take the Convoy™ to the next level.

Plus, there are perks available to our sponsors. Some of those include:

  • Recognition Prior To The Event - We will actively promote the sponsors prior to the event via website and social media. In addition to the logo and shout-out on the Convoy™ page, we will post about the sponsors on Facebook and LinkedIn at least twice. Additional resources will mention the sponsors as we develop them too. 
  • Recognition During The Event - Top-tier sponsors can choose either a 10-minute speaking slot one day of the Convoy OR a 2-minute video spot to be played daily throughout the event.
  • VIP Tickets - Finally, top-tier sponsors will be gifted 2 VIP tickets to be used by the sponsor or given to others.

Greenfire Innovations will utilize these funds will pay for event management software, prizes, swag, and food for the event.