iNautilus Convoy Sponsorship

iNautilus Convoy™ 2021 Banner

Why Sponsor The Convoy?

First of all, the sponsorship will fund a subscriptions to a professional event management software that will enable us to take the Convoy to the next level.

Second, there is a list of perks available to the sponsor:

  • Recognition Prior To The Event - We will actively promote the sponsor prior to the event via website and social media. In addition to the logo and shout-out on the Convoy page, we will post about the sponsor on Facebook and LinkedIn at least twice. Additional resources will mention the sponsor as we develop them too. 
  • Recognition During The Event - The sponsor can choose either a 10 minute speaking slot one day of the Convoy OR a 2 minute video spot to be played daily throughout the event.
  • 2 VIP Tickets - Finally, the sponsor will be gifted 2 VIP tickets to be used by the sponsor and a guest or given to others.

We are asking for a single sponsor for $1000. Greenfire Innovations will not profit from this sponsorship; the funds will pay for one year of the event management software.