June 2021 – “Declaration of War”

As we return to real life after Memorial Day, I want to talk about war. Much of what I do has a nautical theme primarily because it works really well as an analogy for what I’m coaching and training people to do in their business. Some of that metaphor involves maritime warfare terminology (Admiral, Navigator, Fleet, etc…) This is not an accident. Not only does the military related theme offer a structure and order that is extremely useful for organizational management, but there are some aspects of battle in business.

I had an experience recently that I refer to as my Personal Pearl Harbor (I will elaborate more on this in a blog post soon). It was meant to destroy me, but the result was that I’m now fully engaged in the war. The hornet’s nest has been thoroughly stirred. While I am in the process of recovering from the damage, I am preparing to go to war. Obviously, this is somewhat metaphorical. But it’s also a useful mindset for entrepreneurs and leaders.

As usual, clarity and definition are important. What is this war? Who is the enemy? Who are my allies? In business, the war is always about your purpose. For me, the war is about people and organizations living unfulfilled. My enemies are mediocrity and apathy (people are never the enemy… not “competitors” and definitely not customers.) My allies include friends and family, customers, and even others in my field who push me to be better.

War clarifies and focuses our energy. When we get up every morning preparing to battle, the singularity of purpose spurs us to action. Knowing there is a battle ahead, and despite any weariness, we push forward, because the alternative is unacceptable. Defeat is not an option.

So, I call you to battle. Make your declaration of war. Get clear on your enemy, and get up every morning ready to fight for the principles that move you forward. Be an admiral. Be a warrior. Be a victor.