December 2021 – “Change Your Beliefs”

 Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Did you know that your beliefs are decisions, choices? Even the most foundational beliefs are ones we get to choose. Whether to believe in God or believe in yourself, these are choices. Of course your experiences will influence you, but you still get to choose.

This is really important to understand, because your beliefs dictate your thoughts. Those thoughts generate emotions. We act out of emotions, and our results are directly tied to our actions. So, if you do not like the results you are getting (in life or business), examine your underlying beliefs. And if those are inaccurate or ineffective, choose new ones. 

The process has some clear steps, and there are questions that help you dig deeper, but it really can be that simple to change your mindset. Mindset is key to everything else. So, if a belief is not working for you, decide to believe something else. 

For example, if you realize that you get angry at a certain trigger (getting cut-off in traffic), don’t vow to stay calm next time. Start asking questions… Why did I get so angry? What story did I make up about the other person’s motivation? What is it I believe about people that led me to make up that fictional story about the other person? There! If you answer that question honestly, you may have found an inaccurate or ineffective belief. Choose to believe something else instead. 

For more help on mindset (more detail and a step by step process), look at MindSetFree™

Speaking of beliefs, we believe we live in a “friendly universe”, which is the theme for iNautilus Convoy™ 2021. Since we are in the middle of the Convoy, I wanted to keep my “tip of the month” short again today. If you have not registered yet, it’s not too late; although you missed Eric’s Keynote and Felicity Joy Solomon’s presentation on Leading Through Kindness, there are still 4 more days of amazing content (for free), OR with VIP you can even watch the replays of anything you missed.

Topics range from handling conflict & being creative to finding the right people. The seminar will run December 6th through 10th at 7am CST each morning (until 9am). Go to to register and to find more details about the speakers and topics.