Focusing on

  • Organizational Navigation (strategy + execution)
  • Sales Methodology

We propel you toward...

  • Identifying and reaching your Ideal Destination
  • Improving sales results
  • Reclaiming peace, passion, and prosperity

Is your organization aligned with your values, mission, and vision? Do your actions and day-to-day activities drive you closer to your Ideal Destination? Do your employees and culture agree?

We offer a variety of free resources; we view the business community as a mission field, and our purpose revolves around helping other organizations fulfill their purpose.

Faith-driven entrepreneurs hire us to align their business with their calling.
Perhaps you got into business for an opportunity or because of your talents, and you’re successful at it. Maybe now you have started wondering about a higher purpose, something more. Something bigger.
So, we propel you into radical clarity with a powerful mindset and a focused plan to reach your next Ideal Destination.
Here is the key outcome: our clients are empowered through a methodology that is unique, visual, and systematic; we're able to get you fully aligned with your calling so you can OVERFLOW with meaningful impact for God’s Kingdom through your business.

Want To Know More?

We are ready to propel your organization into pure alignment between its purpose and its next Ideal Destination. If you are ready too, contact us.

We believe that systems are the solution to almost every problem. We believe that every person and every organization has a higher purpose, and working toward that purpose will produce peace, joy, passion, and success. We believe that every person and every organization needs to identify their Ideal Destination and chart a course to arrive there. We also believe that life can be enjoyed, and organizations can flourish during that voyage, even if the course changes or they never reach their Ideal Destination. Purpose creates passion. Planning yields prosperity. People impact people.

"I use ClickUp for my business and with my clients to keep momentum and  keep focused."

-Eric Beschinski


I Would Recommend

My experience with Eric is that he truly understands how to motivate his clients to find what they should be doing. In just a few sessions, I have heard Eric speak; he was able to help me tap into my true purpose as a professional. I would recommend Eric over and over again.

Kevin Kosek
Regional Federal Credit Union

Good Material

Good material, it helped me to re-focus me as a leader.

Spencer L.

Strongly Recommend Greenfire Innovations

Eric has helped our company grow from one barely surviving to one that is growing and building a strong community presence for other growing small businesses.

John Marx

Quality Work

I have had the pleasure of taking part in two of Greenfire Innovation’s virtual speakers summit. Eric and his team are great connectors and continue to bring speakers and topics together that have an eye to the future. Greenfire’s network has helped me connect with several other innovation-minded folks around Northwest Indiana. Eric and his team are innovation-minded and put together quality work.

Jason Williams
Society of Innovators at Purdue Northwest

Helped My Firm

Working with Greenfire Innovations has helped my firm have clarity in its journey toward its Ideal Destination.

Courtney Smith
Smith Legal Group

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Organizational Allies

Orchestrated Events

Small businesses are represented in this space which is occupied by local talent and their creations.

SHE Designs

Coordinator for weddings, graduations, corporate events, and fund raisers.

Operation Underground Railroad

A portion of Greenfire's proceeds from consulting and book sales supports this organization's efforts to combat human trafficking.

Love. Justice International

A portion of Greenfire's proceeds from consulting and book sales supports this organization's efforts to combat human trafficking.

Calling All Angels

A portion of Greenfire's proceeds from consulting and book sales supports this organization's efforts to assist local families in need.

Porter County Business League

Greenfire Innovations is a member of the Porter County Business League.

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