Convoy™ 2022

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"Become A Juggernaut"

The Convoy™ is a seminar for leaders. Part of our Higher Purpose at Greenfire Innovations is to provide valuable content to help entrepreneurs thrive. As a "B2B Missionary", one of the ways we do this is through the Convoy™. Every year we bring thought leaders together to deliver amazing content for leaders, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and non-profit directors. This year the theme is "Become A Juggernaut", because a juggernaut is a "huge, powerful, overwhelming force". So, let's all become huge, powerful, overwhelming forces for positive change in the world! Free to attend live, the Convoy™ 2022 is slated for December 5th through 9th, 2022.

Check out the amazing speakers below.

Click below for the iNautilus Convoy™ 2021 Video Replays:

VIP Tickets

The Convoy™ remains free to attend. However, we are offering the opportunity to maximize your value with a VIP Ticket again this year. VIP Ticket Holders will get a bunch of bonuses worth nearly $1400!

  • NEW in 2022! – Day 5 Breakfast and In-Person Event – VIP tickets will include breakfast at a location in Valparaiso TBD and in-person attendance at the final day of the Convoy. $20 value
  • The agenda - VIP ticket holders will receive the speaker lineup ahead of time (free ticket holders will not know which speakers are on which day). $20 value
  • Replays - Not only will you be able to watch live, but VIP's will have access to all replays forever! $200 value
  • Prior Year Videos - In addition to the Convoy™ replays from this year, VIP ticket holders will get access to all of the Convoy™ videos from ALL PRIOR YEARS. That's all the speakers, all the content, all the value! $400 value
  • MindSetFree™ - As an added bonus, VIP ticket holders get FREE access to the mindset program, MindSetFree™. Learn to shift to a powerful, informed state whenever you need. $250 value
  • 1-hour Coaching Session - Yet another bonus! Work one-on-one with Eric Beschinski for 1 hour on any of the business or personal development topics he coaches. $500 value

That's almost $1390 in value for far less than the average American spends on coffee in a month!!!!

(The average American spends almost $92/month on coffee.