J. Britt, Inc.

Jim Britt

Performance strategists to over 300 companies
Author of 15 best-selling books and nine #1 International best-sellers.
Named as one of the world's top 20 success coaches and top 50 speakers
Presented over 5000 events and over 2 mil attendees
Business partner with the late Jim Rohn 8 years

We are honored to have Jim Britt at the Convoy™!

Presentation Description

The reality is that most people spend about 90% of their time and energy dealing with non-productive feelings and emotions regarding money.

You’ll discover through Jim Britt’s ground-breaking work, which focuses on the vital but often misunderstood issue of emotional healing through letting go of outdated money programs, that you have total control over how much money you can earn.

If you want to master the money game, the best method is training the subconscious mind to listen and create for you a new paradigm and program regarding earning money.

And learning and mastering any principle is also a self-reinforcing process.

Which means that learning one thing can boost mastering another.

For example, when you overcome a fear of money, with that you will naturally develop more confidence about earning money… a double win!

In addition to gaining the keys to wealth, you will experience profound results that will touch, transform and enhance every area of your life.

Jim Britt, J. Britt, Inc.